Wednesday, October 12, 2011

italian wedding soup with vegetarian meatballs

When it comes to soup, I typically lean towards tomato or roasted red pepper.  To spice it up a bit, I wanted to make my own, so when I saw this recipe I decided to use Trader Joe's meatless meatballs because they are the best I have found, and I doubt very much that I could make anything better that wouldn't resemble a big pile of mush.  I find that most soups usually aren't very filling, so it was especially nice that this recipe provided some extra sustenance in the pasta and meatballs, but still packed a healthy punch with the vitamin and mineral-rich spinach, carrots, and celery.


  1. I LOVE soup this time of year and this looks very delicious! Thank you for sharing :O)

    Glad to be visiting today from Good Life Wed. at A Beach Cottage.

    Happy Autumn,

  2. Looks delicious :) Thanks for sharing at BC Good Life Wednesdays.