Thursday, October 20, 2011

cranberry-pecan bread with st. andre cheese, apple, and watercress

It seems I have an affinity towards sandwiches - as seen here and here - so it should fit that this is usually my afternoon meal of choice on most workdays.  One of my favorite lunchspots in the city is Cafe Clementine (formerly Coumbine 227), located in Tribeca.  They have great daily specials (including homemade soups and salads), and every once in awhile they will feature an absolutely delicious sandwich comprised of St. Andre cheese, watercress, and sliced apple layered on raisin-walnut bread.  I decided recently to make my own version and was pleasantly surprised that most ingredients were easily found at my local grocery store, except for the bread, which I substituted with a delicious cranberry-pecan loaf found at Whole Foods. 

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