Monday, October 10, 2011

weekend notes

vintage beaded clutch

Today's post was supposed to be about how this past week I've started working out again after (unintentionally) taking the summer off. That was until I broke my toe. After getting off to a great start in getting my routine back in shape, I absent-mindedly ran my foot into the couch and ended up with my first-ever broken bone. And on top of that (not that I'm complaining), we experienced summer in October this weekend, so there was little chance I was spending much time indoors.  Here's to a more active, sun-filled, and injury-free week ahead!
p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in Canada!

classic new york

paper heart from John

favorite fall scarf from Club Monaco

appetizer for game night - lavash flat bread topped with artichoke & red pepper tapenade, swiss cheese. bake, cut & serve!

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