Tuesday, November 1, 2011

weekend notes

snowy paw

This past weekend has been pretty eventful - we had our first snowstorm on Saturday (and Boone's first-ever play in the snow), so it provided a great excuse to stay indoors, watch movies, and play board games with friends. On Sunday, we met up with good friends of ours from Canada who were in the city on vacation. We went to Blockheads (one of our many favorite Mexican restaurants in NYC) and took in Rock of Ages on Broadway (I desperately wanted to get on stage and start rocking along by the end). Lots more sightseeing on Monday (and watching the incredible annual NYC Halloween Parade), and later again this week when my sister comes to visit! It's so fun to play tourist in such a great city.

might be for Halloween but probably not ...

best Vietnamese takeout from Nha Trang One

halloween parade!

a peek at boone's costume
ps. ...

trying to figure out what this white, cold mush is ... too cute

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  1. we got snow in PA too! such a cute little paw print photo. my puppies were out playing in it!