Monday, November 7, 2011


This past weekend my sister and her friend came to visit. She's never been to New York so we hit many of the touristy sites and a few of my fave spots. It was so fun to view NYC through the eyes of a tourist again, and gave me a renewed appreciation for all the great things this city has to offer that I usually take for granted. Here's a rundown of our most notable stops:

1. Tried the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3
2. Sitting on the steps in Times Square
3. Paying our respects at Ground Zero
4. Blowing the budget at Century 21
5. Eating in Chinatown at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, Nha Trang One
6. Strolling through Little Italy and Soho
7. Having a brief chat with Randy Jackson outside his hotel in TriBeCa (the American Idol geek in me was freaking out!)
8. Dining at Spice Market in the Meatpacking District, and then hitting a few nightclubs in the area and around Chelsea
9. Struggling to choose at City Bakery
10. Shopping for souvenirs at the original Macy's on 34th st (they've already started decorating for Christmas!)
11. Stopping by The Pond at Bryant Park and listening to Frank Sinatra while watching the ice skaters.
12. Window shopping on 5th Avenue
13. Margaritas and Mexican at Blockheads
14. Wandering around Central Park before it was finally time for the girls to go :(

Ps. Even though my sister said she loved all the places we went to, she said the best part of New York was just being there, taking in the atmosphere of such a bustling, lively city filled with so many different people (and, funnily enough, riding the subway :)

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