Thursday, September 29, 2011

sausage & fennel ragu

As it is now officially fall (tear) and the nights are getting cooler, I am starting to crave warm, comfort foods again. I stumbled across this recipe recently (extra points if you use whole grain pasta), and despite the fact that I had no idea what a fennel bulb even looked like, decided to give my first ragu a shot.  It was a surprisingly easy sauce to make, and the only hard part was waiting for over an hour while it thickened in the simmering pot (and, well, trying to figure out how to take apart the fennel).  But the wait was definitely worth it - hearty, flavorful, and healthful, the ragu was a great break from my usual pasta sauce out-of-the-jar routine, and was a lot more satisfying.  Also, because I'm only cooking for two, I cut the recipe in half as this one is built to serve eight.

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