Friday, September 23, 2011

day dreams

Ugh. This week has been just one of those weeks. Work is crazy, getting home with just enough time to eat and then sleep before starting it all again, the beginnings of a cold, and finding kind letters in your mailbox letting you know that your rent is going up by $200 a month.  Let's just say I am SO happy it's Friday, and think it's the perfect time to 'mentally escape' for a second to this lovely place I stumbled upon - the blissfully unreal Huvafen Fushi Resort - Maldives.

Also, just putting this out there - but, if anybody knows anybody who knows anybody who knows anybody associated with this heaven, I have no problem turning this into a 'let me stay for free and I'll review your hotel' type of blog. No problem, at all ;)

Hope you have an incredibly lovely (and relaxing) weekend x


  1. can i just go there RIGHT NOW???!

  2. incredible images! i wish i was there ;)