Wednesday, August 31, 2011

new york neighbors - part one

Our New Year's resolution for the past two years has been to visit as many renowned US cities and regions as possible before we decide to move on to another country.  In 2011, we started the year off with Montreal (ok, not in the US but still something new for the British one), and then hit Miami (I so love the warm weather in the winter and art deco preservation), but since then we've been on a bit of a hiatus with this resolution due to busy schedules and uncooperative weather.  So, after two consecutive weekends of canceled trips to Atlantic City, NJ and Boston, MA, I'm feeling a little bummed. I've heard that even just the anticipation of an upcoming vacation can inspire the same positive feelings as actually being on vacay, so I thought I'd put this methodology to good use by listing some of the things I'm looking forward to doing by city (once we actually make it there). Here's a look at Atlantic City:

The Boardwalk - there are plenty of shops, casinos, and amusment park filled piers lining the world's first boardwalk just waiting to be explored.
Beach - located beside the boardwalk, this stretch of the Jersey Shore will be great for catching some sun and guido/guidette watching.

Boardwalk Street Vendors - salt water taffy, pretzels, and funnel cakes will be perfect snacks for strolling the boardwalk.
White House Sub Shop - a celeb favorite (even the Beatles have visited!), this sandwich place is famed for their bread.

Gamble - this goes without saying.  We'll likely check out a few, but the Borgatta is famed to have the best casino in the city.

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