Sunday, August 28, 2011

good night, irene

saturday morning

saturday afternoon

A weekend trip to Atlantic City was most definitely put on hold this weekend to instead bunker down and weather out Hurricane Irene, which (in case you haven't heard) barreled up the east coast this weekend. Our apartment overlooks the Statue of Liberty, which is normally a feature I adore, but this weekend our proximity to the water seemed like much more of a hazard than anything. Friday was spent canceling plans and buying groceries and supplies, Saturday was spent glued to CNN and the NY Times interspersed with board games and wine, and Sunday was spent checking out the flooding and feeling very relieved that the morning unveiled a much better scene than was expected.

stocking up on water in case of power outages

board games to pass the time

view on sunday morning (1)

view on sunday morning (2)

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