Monday, December 5, 2011


Sorry friends - things have gotten a little mad here lately and I haven't had a ton of time to attend to this little space of mine.  To explain, like me, John is on a work visa. The only difference is that he is on a seasonal visa which means that he has to renew it every year and leave the United States by a certain day, whereas my visa is longer term, and I only have to renew every three years (yay!) (and don't have to be out of the US by a certain day every year - double yay!). 

Normally, his visa situation is not a big deal (it definitely sucked the first year because he ended up staying in England for four months in between visas), but we've worked out a nice situation last year where he was only away for two weeks. And then, this year came along. He lost his passport. Which really complicates things when you're on a visa.  So last week, in a mad dash between all sorts of embassies and consulates, we made the decision that he should fly home ... like the next day. Which is normally not ideal, but ok at least.  The only thing that makes me a little sad is that we're not sure right now when he can come back into the country.

So, on top of all that madness, I was given more responsibility at work, we're in the middle of developing our Fall'12 product which is major milestone and requires a lot of focus, and I'm still trying to work on projects for the upcoming endeavor (the website is thisclose to being finished). The next couple weeks may be a little slow around here, but I promise I will get back into the regular swing of things.  turrah xo

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